Snorkeling Gear

Best Snorkeling Gear in 2019

Snorkeling gear

Snorkelling gear is a growing hobby for people, and more and more people are now interested in experiencing underwater bodies and creatures. Several snorkel companies offer tours and excursions to provide memorable ocean experiences. Every snorkelling trip requires good gear to stay safe and comfortable in deep waters. Poor snorkelling gear can result in leakage and foggy mask, which can ruin the entire trip. Here is a list of the best picks for snorkelling gear that you can purchase online for your next underwater adventure. Also, check out for the best scuba diving gears and equipment.

Cressi Palau Snorkel Set

Cressi is a famous brand for making high-quality underwater gear which promises quality and durability. The set includes a mask which has two lenses separated by a nose piece and an adjustable strap for all fits. It is a silicon skirt which keeps the water out while inside water. The fins have open heel and adjustable back, as well as a large foot pocket making them comfortable for all size feel. The small size also helps to keep your feet safe and flexible while travelling. The snorkel keeps the water out as well as has a purge valve to clear the tube if water gets in.

Seavenger Adult and Junior Diving Snorkel Set

This set is available in three sizes and features panoramic lens, flexible snorkel, and trek fins which are powerful with minimal drag in the water. The mask has a single lens made from tempered glass which provides a panoramic view and silicon skirting which prevent any leaks. The snorkel is flexible to adjust to your face comfortably. The fins are short and powerful for comfortable travelling and provide minimal drag, making it a good choice even for beginners.

U.S. Divers Adult Cozumel Snorkel Gear

The U.S. Divers gear has a two-lens mask with silicon skirting for keeping it firm and leak-free. The snorkel has a splash guard and is semi-dry which doesn’t keep the water entirely out. The fins are comfortable at your heels, keeping them from slipping off throughout the session. It also has a carry bad with shoulder strap and mesh-pockets to avoid building any tension. It is more suitable for experienced swimmers as the water entering inside the snorkel can make beginners uncomfortable.

Phantom Aquatics Sports Snorkel Set

The set has a two-lens mask made of tempered glass for durability, and liquid silicone skirt which promises a watertight fit. The snorkel has a semi-dry top valve, so the water stays out while you float on the surface. The fins are short and highly durable and efficient, which makes you travel faster with minimal efforts.

Phantom Aquatics Ultra Panoramic View Set

Phantom Aquatics snorkel set does not provide the fins but is still capable of provide a great experience with a single-lens flexible mask for a panoramic view. The lens is made of tempered glass, and the outline has a silicon rubber skirt which fits on the face perfectly. The snorkel is dry with a valve on the top to keep the water out while being underwater.